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Elo system implemented by: Flash, May 20, 2008 Comments: 0

The Elo ranking system has been implemented in the leagues. The Scores remain thesame but will from now on use the Elo systeem to calculate the new scores. Please let us know if you find any bugs or have remarks about the new system. This news post is the first one after a long time of hibernation. is becomming active again. for now we are going to focus on setting up ladders and leagues for a lot of games and start maintaining the site again.

Warsow 0.7 by: The Wounded, October 30, 2005 Comments: 0

Warsow 0.7 has been released, warsow is a FPS based on the qfusion engine. (a modification of Quake 2 GPL engine). It has a lot of improvements. The game offers features like cell shading, game physics changes and special moves. It features the following gametypes: deathmatch, team deathmatch, duell, single player (against bots), CTF and midair. [url][/url]

New Free Deathmatch FPS Nexuiz now available for download by: Flash, June 02, 2005 Comments: 0

After a good 3,5 years worth of development, Nexiuz has been released and now available for download (FREE!!!). Nexiuz is based on a tweaked Q1 engine, but the graphics are just amazing. This game is already playable on some older PC configs and should make a fun game for multiplayer DM. Website at: [quote]Nexuiz 1.0 Release First release of Nexuiz, 161mb. Please open the readme file for infomation on how to tweak the settings for your computer. If you do download the game and enjoy it, please consider a donation to the project. This game project has taken a lot of work and many years of development, donations will help support further development of Nexuiz and other free game projects.[/quote]

Gamesleague UT servers by: Flash, February 10, 2005 Comments: 0

Currently Gamesleague has 3 UT DM servers running. Server1: Gamesleague DM with a normal map rotation list and Mapvote 3.04 Server2: Gamesleague DM - Private. CB12 Mutator Server3: Gamesleague DM CUP Spring 2004 map rotation list and CB12 mutator Both server2 and server3 can be used for the 2004 clanbase TDM Opencup pick up contact with one of the admins (flash, zpike and area) via IRC (#gamesleague @ quakenet) or mail [email protected]

Happy 2005 ! by: Flash, December 31, 2004 Comments: 0

Gamesleague wishes all users a Very Happy and healthy 2005 that you may play loads of games but tonight is for the family ofcourse !

UTPure 7G released by: Flash, December 17, 2004 Comments: 0

UTPure 7G is finally released and contains some updates over the older versions. # Auto demo recording client side # Force demo recording from the server (for leagues) # Lots of minor and bug fixes - Source

Gamesleague V2 development starting by: Flash, August 26, 2004 Comments: 1

Soon gamesleague V2 development will start, this means the current site will be fased out and we will get a brand new xhtml powered website. we are currently looking for: - Graphics artists, to make nice themes and logos. - Xhtml specialists to build xhtml codes. - Admins for the forums and game ladders and leagues. - Players to sign up on the site and test it. more about this soon.

Doom 3 gone gold ! by: Flash, July 22, 2004 Comments: 0

Doom 3 has been released. it will be available in stores from august 3rd, about freegin time I would say. the beta looked promising and ill surely buy the game when its available !

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